Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe

In preparation for its reopening and with the aim of guaranteeing all of the health and safety measures for our customers and employees, Hotel Travel Park Lisbon has designed an Operational Protocol for the COVID-19 outbreak that provides a set of measures and good practices to be followed on our premises.

Upon arrival

  • When you arrive at the Hotel Travel Park Lisbon, you should disinfect your shoes on the mat provided for this purpose;
  • All guests will be invited to have their body temperature measured;
  • You may only enter and walk around inside Hotel Travel Park Lisbon if you wear a mask.
  • Keep social distancing in mind and always keep to your right as you walk around the hotel.


  • The reception area has been restructured to include transparent acrylic screens on reception desks to ensure that both guests and employees are protected;
  • A distance of 2 metres between the guest and the service desk has been marked on the floor with marking tape to ensure compliance with the required safety distance;
  • We ask that only 1 member of the family stand at the desk to check-in or make a booking;
  • Anything that is touched, such as the reception desk, POS machines and room keys are disinfected after each use, and contactless card and mobile payments are encouraged (MBWAY or QR Code).


  • Cleaning is done by two teams, one to remove the bedding and any waste, and the other to clean and make the beds;
  • Each member of cleaning staff is equipped with disposable material designed for cleaning duties: masks, disposable gloves, and waterproof gown;
  • All bedding and towels are washed at high temperatures to ensure that any residue is eliminated;
  • Stock of single-use cleaning materials in proportion to the amount of use, including single-use wipes soaked in disinfectant, bleach and 70º alcohol;
  • All rooms undergo a rigorous and thorough cleaning process with appropriate materials recommended by the health authorities. They are ventilated for a long period after cleaning;
  • Rooms are left empty for a minimum period of 24 hours between occupancies to ensure that any traces of infectious material are eliminated naturally.


  • The restaurant’s capacity has been reduced to 50% to guarantee social distancing between guests sharing the space, and the necessary spacing between tables;
  • Pre-booked time slots for breakfast. Please contact Reception;
  • Paper menus have been replaced by online menus that can be viewed using a QR Code;
  • All equipment and utensils are cleaned and disinfected after each use.


  • Each member of cleaning staff is equipped with disposable material designed for cleaning duties: masks, disposable gloves, and waterproof gown;
  • We have stepped up the sanitisation and disinfection of surfaces and equipment, both in bedrooms and communal areas;
  • All surfaces that are touched regularly such as lift buttons, door handles and switches are disinfected regularly throughout the day;
  • Cleaning procedures involve the use of dedicated equipment for cleaning each surface so as to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.


Additional procedures

  • All areas have been reviewed to ensure a distance of at least 2m between guests, in both communal areas and corridors;
  • We have also provided hand sanitiser dispensers in all lift lobbies and maximum lift capacity has been reduced to 1 or 2 people, or family groups;
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at different points in the hotel.


Infection procedures

  • All our employees have been given specific training on the internal COVID-19 outbreak protocol, how to stick to infection prevention and control precautions relating to COVID-19 outbreaks, including hand sanitising, respiratory etiquette and social conduct procedures, as well as how to carry out daily self-monitoring for fever and to follow surface cleaning and clothes handling guidelines given by the Health Department.
  • If anybody shows symptoms that indicate an infection, Hotel Travel Park Lisbon has a fully equipped isolation room to ensure guest and employee safety;
  • After use of the isolation room, it is subject to an intensive decontamination process whenever there are suspected or positive cases;
  • The contingency protocol is activated to work with the health authorities to investigate suspected cases.